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Schedule a Tutoring Service Today!

Scheduling for all Tutoring Services is on a first come first served basis. We will work with everyone to come up with the best possible solution because we put our students first.

Prices given are for single sessions on an as-needed basis depending on availability. There is discount pricing offered for packaged sessions as well as  monthly memberships. 

Student Behind the Books

 Sensory            Sessions

Our Sensory Room Sets the Tone...

Using multi-sensory stimulation, students can relax and mentally unwind from a long day of being overstimulated. The sessions decompression time promotes intellectual activity and allows for increased focus and learning to take place.

Per Session


Learn to Read

One-on-One       Sessions

Tailored to Match Your Student's Needs!

Beginning after a sensory session, the private classrooms are designed to continue to encourage relaxation and intellectual activity. This allows the student to be more open and receptive to homework, reinforcing class material, or studying for quizzes or tests.


Prices Vary

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Group Study     Tutoring

Get Help with Homework, Study Skills, Organizing, and More...

Students can work independently or with our certified tutors to complete homework, projects, reports, or get help studying. The hour session includes use of the Center's resources including laptops, printers, and supplies.

Package Discounts available


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