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Parents Night Out
Summer Camps

What can you do with some free time? How does an overdue date night sound? Want to catch a new movie or binge-watch a must-see series on a streaming service. Tag along with friends and catch a local band. You deserve to enjoy a little "adult" time! Every first and third Thursdays between 6p-9p can be all yours.  Let POM entertain and educate your student at the Center. They will enjoy

sensory time as well as

socialization activities, 

educational games, and

movies or videos. Our

rooms are designed to

maximize the student's experience while at the same time promote learning and having fun.


 Student/Parent Support Groups


The Center will host a

casual get-together to

support parents who

have children on the

spectrum. Student

Groups will also be

offered to help students socialize. Techniques

on how to help with homework, studying, behaviors, etc. Parents will choose the discussion topics and everyone is encouraged to share their experiences and ideas.

Let POM help out this

summer with our fun,

educational activities

camp! Your student will

explore the globe as he

or she solves missions.

They will sample food

and drinks, learn about

the various country's culture and language, and 

have fun working together with others. Call for more info and to enroll now!

     Workshops & Seminars


POM will offer workshops/seminars for teachers, professionals, caregivers, and anyone else who is interested. Our goal is to offer support and information to those who work with ASD students in the classroom, in the home, or in the community. Ideas, strategies, and answers to common concerns will be addressed by our specialists who work

with, and understand,

children who are on

the spectrum. If you

would like more info,

please submit your

request via message from our Home page.

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