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Homeschool at POM

Let POM serve as your private classroom...
Do you need additional space, class resources, a quieter environment, or just a change in scenery? Our classrooms and professionals are here for you. Let us host or help with a class or two...OR MORE!


Learn to Read
Specialized Subjects can be challenging...

Some subjects are harder to teach than others. Math and Science are two subjects that come up most often with people who homeschool their children. Other specific subjects like Religion, for example, offer different challenges.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
Nativity Scene
Science Museum Space Exploration

POM's professionals can help.

Our staff includes certified teachers, degreed personnel, and a Priest. The center also works with licensed instructors, therapists, and other professionals who can serve as valuable resources.

POM has everything you need.

Another challenge to homeschooling is the access to resources. If you choose to homeschool at the Center, you will have access and use of our educational tools and supplies. From laptops and printers to teaching materials and equipment, POM has it covered.  


Modern Laptop
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