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Of course! If there is an open classroom available or a block of time on a given day, arrangements can be made to rent the use of our classroom and materials.

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If I want to teach my child but use your facility, is that an option?

"POM" is short for Piece of Mind. Our full name is:

           Piece of Mind Academic Support Center LLC

It is much easier (and shorter) to use POM rather than our full name.

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What does "POM" stand for?

We currently accept checks (preferably) and cash. In the near future, we will look into accepting credit/debit cards as well as online bill pay.

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What forms of payment does the Center take?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

While our Sensory-only sessions are 30 minutes long, the minimum for any tutoring service is one hour. We will offer several options for more time, but this is the minimum.

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We maintain an open-door policy at POM. We will be happy to discuss all options to make you and your child feel comfortable. This is best for a successful learning environment.

Can I stay while my child is being tutored?

With the One-on-One service or the Group Study Tutoring, we feel it is best to work with the same tutor. There are many benefits to having consistency with students with ASD or other educational challenges.

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Can I work with the same tutor again?
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